How to Select Your Dog's Favorite Toy

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We have plenty of toys to choose from for our dog, but unfortunately, most of us don’t know what the favorite toys of our dogs are? We might choose the best toys, but sometimes dogs disagree with us. Their choices and interests are different from ours.

In addition, different dog breeds have different interests, so here we’ll share some general factors on which you can choose the favorite toy for your dog.

Are you interested in knowing how to select your dog’s favorite toy? If yes, then let’s start with this guide.

How to Select Your Dog’s Favorite Toy Based on Their Psyche?

As mentioned earlier, all dog breeds don’t have the same preferences, so here we’ll share some ideas that can help you select toys for your dog.

  1. Dogs Prefer Toys That Make Noise

If we look back into the history of dogs, they evolve from wolves. Therefore, soft noises remind them of their prey. As a result, it stimulates their part of the brain. So, if you feel that your dog is attracted to toys that make noise, it means you need to purchase such toys. These toys stimulate their hunting instincts so that these toys can hold your puppy’s attention for a long time.

  1. Choose Toys According to Your Dog’s Personality

All dogs don’t prefer toys that make noises. So, you need to purchase toys according to your dog’s breed and personality. For example, for Labrador and retrievers, plush toys are good choices because these breeds have hunting instincts.

For small dogs breeds, fetching toys are good. Puzzle toys are perfect for all types of breeds. These toys can keep your dogs focused for a long time. As a result, they stimulate their mental health. But the best practice is to understand your dog’s interest before purchasing any of the toys.

  1. Keep Changing Toys

If you’re not sure about your dog’s favorite toys, purchase the new ones because dogs are attracted to new toys more than older ones. You can repeat the cycle when you feel that your dogs are getting bored. It means there is no need to throw old toys and purchase a new one. Instead, buy toys in bulk and give some of them to your dog. When they get old, take them out and introduce the remaining ones. Keep repeating this to maintain your dog’s interest in toys.

  1. Keep Comfort and Safety in Mind

When purchasing toys for your dogs, it’s essential to keep your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. If your dog isn’t comfortable with toys, they can never be their favorites. Plush toys are perfect for dogs because they offer comfort and help dogs to relax.

When you purchase such toys, ensure that they’re safe. Some toys appear to be durable, but unfortunately, they are easy to swallow. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your dog’s age and size in mind when selecting toys for your dog.

Final Words

Selecting dog toys isn’t easy because of the overwhelming options available in the market. But after following the tips mentioned above, you can choose your dog’s favorite toys easily.

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