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Eco Toys | Bath Time Toys | Organic Toys | While some babies and toddlers take to bath time like a proverbial duck to water, others need a little more encouragement. Adding plenty of distractions to this traumatic occasion, perhaps with songs and games, can make all the difference.
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Green Parenting Tips| Eco Toys| Organic Toys

The great news for mums and dads who want to go green is that there are plenty of companies around nowadays who sell eco-friendly toys and clothes. While a new baby or toddler is going to take up plenty of time and energy anyway, making the right choices when it comes to things like toys and clothes not only helps save the planet in little ways but are usually much safer and harder wearing than other, mass produced products on the market.

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Competition Time Win Ocean the Bath set A Great Eco-Friendly Bathtime Fun Toy is up for Grabs!

The Ocean set includes three fun oceanic characters, Peepo the Crab, Jay the Octopus and Blue the Dolphin, together they will keep your little ones entertained bath time after bath time. Fin out more about this set here.

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Non Toxic Toys | Eco Toys | Natural Rubber Toys |Everything in the mouth. That’s the life of infants and toddlers.

Our homes are relatively clean, and a little piece of lint in the mouth isn’t going to harm. But other things will, and so we put them behind childproofed cabinets. And as a parent you worry about toys.

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Bathtime Fun with Organic Natural Rubber Bath ToysToo hot. Too cold. Strange. Scary. Its easy to see why babies would be nervous around bath-time. In their eyes, that tub is an ocean of choppy water and odd new sensations.
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Sensory Toys Aid Disability PlayProviding play toys and stimulation for children and adults with learning difficulties or disabilities is an important part of helping to develop the motor, auditory and visual skills, including hand eye co-ordination, that are needed in some part for everyday living. It can be a challenging time for both parents and therapists as a child with learning difficulties grows up Read More....
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natural Rubber Teethers | Organic Baby Teething ToysWhen babies are around six months old, they start teething, which is painful and irritating. During this time the babies just want to chew and suck on everything they can get their hands on. This can be extremely harmful for a baby’s health as their immune system is not fully developed. Read More ....
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Eco Toy Store | Green Rubber Toys | Organic Toys Mushroom and Co toy store search the globe for products that are natural safe eco-friendly and good for the environment we have a unique range of educational toys, bath toys, teethers and Crayon rocks. Read More .......
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