Our Mission

Welcome to Natural Rubber Toys, your one-stop-shop for 100% Natural Rubber Toys.
We have sourced the globe for the very best Natural Rubber toys
Our Toys are Hand-Made, Hand-Painted using permanent food-grade dyes
We have a vast selection of Teething Toy, Bath Toys Fully moulded and Classic Squeaker toys, also have a range of Realistic Toddler Toys, Sensory Toys and The Real Rubber Ducks (Produced Since 1952) and Pet Toys with the ever more popular Ovo Eggs
We understand how important a child’s development is in the early stages of their lives, which is why we have chosen a range of bright colours and diverse textures for our toys to help boost your baby’s sensory development.
All of our products adhere to our ‘Safe, Fun, Naturally Done’ motto, and we hope you Love our products as much as we do.