Bath Time Fun Time

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Eco Toys | Bath Time Toys | Organic Toys | While some babies and toddlers take to bath time like a proverbial duck to water, others need a little more encouragement. Adding plenty of distractions to this traumatic occasion, perhaps with songs and games, can make all the difference.

Getting baby used to bath time gives them more confidence in water and any tools or toys you can use to do that are great news. Bath time is also a brilliant way to stimulate baby’s senses with the way those bubbles tickle the skin or the sound of your voice as you sing them a song. There’s no doubt that babies learn a lot from bath time, even at this young age, and making it as fun as possible is important for future development.

Bathing baby is a great time to bond and have fun so here are some top tips for getting the most out of these moments.

Make Bubbles

It’s not just adding a baby friendly bubble bath to the water but blowing a few around the bathroom. There are a number of products on the market nowadays that are safe for the delicate skin of babies and toddlers and produce a wonderful sensation. Investing in that bubble making toy can turn bath time into a magical experience, especially if your toddler is a bit averse to water.

Sing Songs

If you haven’t heard them, songs like the Splish Splash Baby Song and Rubber Ducky (made famous by Ernie from Sesame Street) then you’re in for a surprise. Singing songs to your baby is not only soothing but it’s fun and can help start developing those important language skills. And if you haven’t got much of a voice or are tone deaf, don’t worry, babies aren’t that focused on musicality at this stage in their lives.

Buy Some Toys

While grownups settle for a loofah or scrubbing brush in the bath, babies and toddlers like some toys with them. Whether that’s special bath time ones or that favourite car or doll they play with all the time, splashing around in the bath with something tactile is simply perfect. You can get everything from alphabet toys to rubber ducks so there’s plenty to choose from – in fact the more toys the merrier. Lanco make a great range of eco-friendly, non-toxic toys that can be used in the bath and they are all available at Mushroom & Co. From the bright yellow Nelson the Duck to cute Kobi the Crab, these colourful toys will soon become firm bath time friends with your little one!

Get Some Art Time

You might be surprised to learn that you can get art toys like bath time crayons which easily wash off in the water. It’s a great way to get creative and the perfect choice once your toddler gets to the stage when they can grasp things without too much difficulty.

Talking is Great Too

While you can introduce all manner of toys and fun things, simply talking to your toddler is just as good. You can tell stories, point to bits of the body and help develop their language skills while making bath time a fun occasion that they’ll always look forwards to.

From squeeze toys to the humble flannel, it’s pretty easy to entertain a baby or toddler while they are in the bath. As babies grow into toddlers they become ever more amazed at the sensation of being in the water and discover new and exciting things. Parents also find it one of the most enjoyable experience during those early stages of development and adding a few brilliant toys is a good idea.

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