LANCO Toys: Natural Rubber Teething Toys for Babies and Toddlers

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natural Rubber Teethers | Organic Baby Teething ToysWhen babies are around six months old, they start teething, which is painful and irritating. During this time the babies just want to chew and suck on everything they can get their hands on. This can be extremely harmful for a baby’s health as their immune system is not fully developed. Trying to take preventive measures so that the baby avoids chewing on everything can sometimes be an exhausting task for the parents especially since they cannot leave their child alone to play. Parents are in constant fear of what the baby might put in his mouth during their absence. Hence it has become imperative for the parents to be present with their children at all times making it especially difficult for the mothers who need to carry out several household tasks.

Lanco Toys is a perfect solution for the teething problems that babies face at this tender age. The company is a family owned business that was founded in the year 1951. Their range of products include baby care, gifts and pet articles with the most delightful and adorable designs that can cheer up your baby at any moment.

You might wonder why Lanco Toys are great as teething toys for babies. They are made from natural rubber and hand painted with natural food dyes ensuring 100% safety of your children. At Lanco Toys, the products are made with an eco-friendly and high quality approach. The core raw material is Latex, which is imported especially from Malaysia and ensures their toys are completely safe. The Latex used in making the toys is considered the finest quality in Europe, which gives them a front line position in dealing with customers in Baby Care markets. Their products are exclusively made in rubber due to its numerous benefits and advantages for babies at the small age of six months. Rubber is a soft and water resistant material thus you don't need to fear about your child chewing on something hard that can cause problem with their teething process. It is ideal for soothing teething gums and sensory development of your baby. Another reason for considering Lanco Toys is that the rubber they use is free from toxic elements like Phthalates and Nitrosamine, which makes Lanco Toys harmless for babies to mouth and chew on.

Safety and quality, two of the core drivers at Lanco Toys are given priority at all stages of the production process. The toys are regularly inspected for safety and are hand painted in bright colours so that they can capture the true essence of a child’s playful and spirited nature. One of their delightful teething toys is TREVOR the Frog in green, which gives a gentle quack to cheer up your child. It is not only soft and soothing but also non-toxic, making it a great teething pal for your baby while you are away preparing lunch or doing household chores.

Lanco Teethers are a great range for any toy store as they are fun and enjoyable. These range of Lanco Toys is one that parents and their toddlers cannot overlook when they pass by them. So bring home these little pals for your babies and let them have fun with 100% safe Teethers.  

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