7 Best Natural Infant Toys of 2022

 People may think, why do infants need toys at an age where they just need to eat, make dirty nappies and sleep? But, even at the mere age of 3 months, babies start becoming interested in the world around them, and this can be a great time to introduce new things to them. Therefore, it is best to get them fun toys to keep them entertained and aid in their development stage.

If you’re searching for yourself or to gift, here are some features you should look for while choosing infant toys –

Different Soft Textures –Babies are working on their fine motor skills at this age. Interesting rubbery, velvety, satiny, and fluffy textures can help make it more fun and develop their skills.

Bright Colours & Patterns – A baby's vision is fully developed only when over 5 months old. Contrasting colours and patterns like stripes and checkerboards help them see and focus better on objects. Black and white are best for newborns, while older babies love brighter colours.

Safe for Chewing – Babies will put anything they get their hands on in their mouths. Hence, it's essential to give them teethers and toys that have no harmful chemicals and no small parts that they might eat or choke on.

Easy to Clean – It's crucial to frequently clean and dry the infant toys. Ensure that you dry off materials like silicone, plastic, and rubber properly as they can be susceptible to mold.

Natural Rubber Toys is a family-run business that offers all-natural baby & toddler toys. Natural rubber toys can be used for educational and sensory development purposes. The key features:

  • Hand made with 100% natural organic rubber
  • Free from PVC, Nitrosamines, BPA, Phthalates
  •  Follow the EU safety requirements of EN71/1/2/3
  • Hand-painted using food-grade dyes which are non-toxic

The Best Infant Toys of 2022


The bright-colored toy is soft to touch but imitates the coral texture with bumps. It is ideal for soothing their gums during teething times and sensory development by stimulating senses like touch, smell, taste, and sight. It is fully moulded and doesn't have a squeaker so that your baby will not be suddenly startled while chewing.


The toys come in different shapes, colours, and patterns which are great for sensory development in babies. These natural rubber toys are soft to touch and safe to chew. Colours won't peel or fade anytime soon. These are flexible and lightweight so that the baby can be perfect for educating about shapes and colours at an early age.

  • This duck family of 3 is very special set handmade and fully moulded. These ducks are soft to touch and can be easily grasped by tiny hands. The bright colours will amuse your baby. Of course, they're perfectly safe to use as a teether.

    Ocean the Bath time 3-Set

    Legendary beautiful bathtime fun characters: Jay the Octopus, Peepo the Crab, and Blue the Dolphin!

    Many generations of babies played with these characters, enjoying vibrant colours and textures. The soft material is suitable for teething and chewing too. Your baby's tiny hands can easily handle these perfect-sized toys!


    This unique 5-piece natural rubber set includes a banana, apple, pear, grapes, and orange, perfect for food exploration at an early age. These are lightweight and perfect for infants. Later, they can be used to teach colours, shapes, counting, and the fruit names. Then, when they're big enough, children can use for cooking role-play.


    Mini Vehicle 4-set is perfect for encouraging play and imagination in babies and toddlers. These brightly-colored toys are ideal for them to pick up and carry around. The toys have no holes, squeaks, and soft texture to touch and squeeze.


    Last but not least, this is a perfect combo with all that you'll ever need. The bold colours, the different patterns, and the soft texture make it ideal for chewing and learning.

    Here are some safety tips to practice while using these infant toys.

    • The toys can be cleaned by wiping with soapy water and a damp cloth
    • Do not sterilize
    • Do not leave the toys under direct sunlight for an extended period
    • Adult supervision is recommended at all times.

    There is no need for you to look further! Our high-quality products are made considering the safety of your child. Check out our whole range today!

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