Lanco Philosophy since 1952

Our Philosophy

Seventy years ago, Lanco already embraced sustainability and environmental responsibility, establishing ourselves as pioneers in ecology and social awareness. We take pride in being the oldest natural latex toy company, specializing in teething and bath toys.

Art and Nature United in a Toy

Lanco® Toys, a family business founded in 1952 in Barcelona, holds the distinction of being the first European manufacturer of natural latex toys, including teething and bath toys.

Our founder and grandfather, Alfredo Benet Domingo, an artist with a deep connection to children, fell in love with natural rubber. As a painter, he was captivated by the creative potential and craftsmanship of natural rubber. He found its softness and elasticity magical and cherished the fact that it leaves no lasting impact on the planet for future generations.

Craftsmanship and Patience

Natural rubber imparts valuable lessons and inspires us. Its characteristics demand an artisanal approach, respect for nature's rhythms, and an appreciation for imperfection as an integral part of all living things.

From crafting plaster molds to adorning the toys, skilled artisans oversee every step of the process, ensuring the highest quality teething and bath toys. Each toy is, therefore, unique and unreproducible, much like us humans.

Natural Rubber: A Path to a Better World

From the Hevea tree to your baby's hands, Lanco Toys are exclusively crafted from pure natural rubber, making them safe and perfect for teething. This remarkable material is sourced from Hevea brasiliensis tree plantations in Malaysia.

Incisions are gently made in the tree trunks to allow the sap to flow. This milky sap is collected in cups and transformed into solid toys through plaster molds and the natural warmth of the sun.

We hold a deep appreciation for natural rubber as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic—it biodegrades naturally and can be repurposed to create new products, including teething and bath toys. Lanco Toys follow nature's life cycle, in harmony with all things created by the natural world.

Toys Infused with Life for Our Babies and Their Future

Sustainability has been our unwavering commitment from the very beginning, whether in the form of teething or bath toys. How can we provide toys for our little ones while also safeguarding their future?

Artisans and nature serve as our creators, and we cherish and protect them.

Over 80% of our team has been with us for more than two decades. Women form a significant part of the Lanco Toys family, making up 64% of our workforce.

Our production process relies on skilled hands rather than machinery, and it exclusively employs biodegradable materials: natural rubber and mineral plaster molds. Our packaging is plastic-free, crafted from 100% recycled cardboard materials.

Welcome to our world, and thank you for being part of the Lanco Toys family.

Child Development

Since 2018, we have collaborated with a team of dedicated clinical professionals specializing in childhood to collectively design all our new toys, including teething and bath toys.

Wanatoy is a multidisciplinary team of professionals working daily with children aged 0 to 6 years old, ensuring that our teething and bath toys are safe and developmentally stimulating. Their clinical expertise adds immense value to our toys.

Each design takes into account elements such as grip type, thickness, textures, and colors, all tailored to enhance various developmental abilities depending on the type of toy we offer. This approach encourages experimentation as the foundation for a baby's learning, whether through teething or bath time.

To promote child development, we combine Lanco's artistic design prowess with Wanatoy's theoretical and clinical insights, guaranteeing that our teething and bath toys are both safe and engaging. Once we have a defined design, we subject it to clinical testing with different children and babies. In this phase, necessary adjustments are made to ensure each toy's potential for stimulation.

This new methodology underscores the vital role that play and toys play in children's development and learning, be it through teething or bath time.

Remember, children do not play to learn; they learn because they play.