Packaging Practices at Natural Rubber Toys

At Natural Rubber Toys, our commitment to reducing waste and minimizing packaging has been ingrained in our ethos from the very beginning. This dedication to sustainability and responsible packaging dates back to 2007, long before mainstream media began highlighting the detrimental effects of excessive waste and plastic use. Here's an insight into our packaging approach:

Reusing: We firmly believe that reusing is one of the most effective ways to reduce our packaging impact. To achieve this, we up-cycle and reuse all packaging materials that enter our warehouse, including boxes, pallets, fillers, and bubble wrap. You may have received one of our signature 'wonky boxes,' expertly tailored to accommodate your order. Our team excels at crafting boxes to accommodate various shapes, ensuring efficient use of resources. Any plastic fill or padding you receive in your order has been repurposed from another source, further reducing our environmental footprint.

New Packaging Materials: While we prioritize reusing materials, we also recognize the need for new packaging materials like boxes, mail bags, padding, and tapes to ensure that parcels reach our customers in perfect condition. Rest assured, our new cardboard mail boxes are made from recycled and FSC-certified paper sources. Our parcel fill consists of recycled paper kraft roll, and our parcel tape is paper-based and recyclable. We use a mix of mailer bags, some paper-based and some made from recycled UK plastic, to balance protection with a minimal carbon footprint. These decisions are made with both functionality and sustainability in mind.

Waste and Recycling: Any materials that cannot be reused are meticulously sorted and recycled, in alignment with local recycling facilities. Our confidential waste is collected by a local recycling firm that operates as a social enterprise, providing employment and training opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities.

Marketing Material: We minimize the production of paper-based marketing materials. When we do use them, such as in cards included with your order, we opt for recycled paper and collaborate with an eco-friendly printing firm, as endorsed by Greenpeace.

Longevity: Natural Rubber Toys is dedicated to offering high-quality, durable products designed to last. We prioritize longevity and reusable items, as they reduce the need for frequent replacements, thereby lowering the environmental impact associated with manufacturing, packaging, and transport. We actively encourage the sale of pre-loved items within our customer community, showcasing the enduring reputation and quality of the products we endorse. Our philosophy centers around "buying less and buying better." When you choose Natural Rubber Toys, you can trust that our products are selected with a focus on social responsibility, quality, and a deep concern for the planet.

In Conclusion: Our approach to packaging is rooted in thoughtful consideration. We work diligently to ensure that our packaging has minimal environmental impact, and we continually seek new ideas and avenues for improvement. At Natural Rubber Toys, we take our commitment to sustainable packaging seriously, striving to be at the forefront of responsible practices in our industry.