Welcome to Mushroom & Co, your one stop shop for 100% natural rubber toys and crayons for toddlers.

Our products are both 100% safe and biodegradable as they are made from completely natural materials, so you can rest assured they are perfect for your child. Not only are they safe and natural, they are made with great attention to detail. Each and every product is hand painted, to help make the final product unique and truly special.

You can use our natural toys as a during your baby’s teething period since they have zero toxic chemicals in them, making them safe for your baby to ease their teething pains. All our rubber-based toys are ideal bath time toys; they can be squeezed and nibbled without causing any harm to your child. The vibrant colours also help make bath time exciting and engaging for your baby.

We understand how important a child’s development is in the early stages of their lives, which is why we have chosen a range of bright colours and diverse textures for our toys to help boost your baby’s sensory development.

Along with our select of rubber toys, we also supply a range of Crayon Rocks that are also 100% safe as they are made using natural materials such as soy wax and minerals. Crayon Rocks are designed so that a young child finds it easy to hold in their hand allowing them experiment with colour and develop their creativity. The unique pebble shape of our crayons has also been designed to help strengthen your child’s grip muscles so they can start to get used to writing and drawing from very early on.

Since Mushroom & Co was founded we have developed a close relationship with a range of brands to grow our product offering. We now distribute Lanco toys alongside Green Rubber Toys and Crayon rocks. Mushroom & Co is now able to provide a wide range of toys and playthings that your child can enjoy, as well as develop their skills and growth.