New Teething Range designed with babies in mind

Our new unisex collection inspired by styles of the past
that are both ultra hip and classically stylish. We have designed these teething toys so your baby can easily hold

Lanco toys

Hevea Brasiliense's plantations

The best rubber comes from Malaysian
plantations. The sap is extracted manually by making small cuts in the tree barkand
collecting it in saucepans.

Creating toys

The procedure to create toys starts when the liquid latex is poured into natural plaster mouldsfor
natural drying, in greenhouses. Once solid, the toy is removed from the mould
by hand, cleaned, cut, polished and decorated by hand, one by one.

0%pollution, 0% waste

The production process is entirely manual,
so we use the minimal energy.
The pollution emission is zero,
only the evaporated water from the plaster moulds is emitted. Our products are entirely biodegradable.