About Us

Natural Rubber Toys is a family run toy business that offers educational baby & toddler toys. The idea to create Natural rubber toys was born in autumn 2009 during going hard teething times with our first daughter Sofia. We identified the lack of quality natural rubber teething toys on the UK market. We researched the globe and found that world best natural rubber toys produced for many generations in Spain and Sri Lanka. 

Since that times our aim was to supply the very best natural toys for babies & toddlers offering and not forgetting out our four legged family members with the best pet toys on the market.

We are proud that our online store can offer a great selection of educational and sensory development toys. 

Our product range so far includes Lanco Toys with teething & bath toys, produced in Spain since 1952, and another great brand Green Rubber Toys from Sri Lanka, who impresses our new and returning customers with masterpieces of realistic animals and toys from natural rubber.