7 Great ideas for an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

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Eco Friendly Birthday Party Ideas | Eco-Friendly Toys | Natural Rubber ToysInvite friends and family, bake a cake and get the candles out, it’s time to hang up the bunting and wrap the presents! Children’s birthday parties not only involve a lot of preparation and work they are also less than easy on the environment.

There’s all that paper, the plates and other waste on the day, not to mention the invites and the petrol burned in driving friends and family to the birthday house for the big day. At Mushroom & Co we are always looking for better and more natural ways to live our lives and we know it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few small adjustments here and there, you can actually run an eco-friendly birthday party for kids that’s easy on the planet and even saves you and everyone else money in the process.

Here are our top tips for a green birthday party that everyone can enjoy:

  1. An Earth Friendly Party

You don’t have to sit around the table eating trifle or gorging on heaps of sandwiches and crisps. Take your party outside! Even in the winter, a bug hunt or wildlife extravaganza can give everyone some much needed exercise. It’s not only one of the best way to have fun but your kids can all learn something new about the world too.

  1. Swap Your Plates

Choosing biodegradable paper plates which don’t do so much damage to the environment is a great way to cut down your birthday party carbon footprint. You can also get cutlery made from materials such as birch or bamboo that are also good for the environment.

  1. Edible Party Favours

It’s a tradition to give kids who attend your part a little gift when they arrive. More often than not this is some plastic toy or candy. Swap these for healthier edible party favours that have a green slant or eco-friendly toys from companies with a good sustainability record.

  1. Use What You Have

Rather than spend lots of money on expensive trimmings, decorations and balloons, this is your chance to get your kids involved and be a bit more creative. Hats can be made out of old newspaper and trimmings can be cut from waste paper to make really colourful decorations. For presents, recycle gift wrapping and even use leftover fabric rather than buying new.

  1. Games Just Need to be Fun

Whether you are indoors on a rainy day or outdoors enjoying the sun, put your mind to it and there are plenty of green games you can create to keep your average 3 to 5-year-old happily entertained. Scavenger hunts, painting activities and craft sessions can all help the party go with a bang and they don’t have to be resource intensive.

  1. Buy Food in Bulk

It’s amazing the amount of food that kids can get through at a party and making sure you keep the packaging levels down to a minimum is important. Plan your menu well beforehand and choose fresh loose vegetables and healthy treats wherever you can.

  1. Encourage Green Behaviour

Theming your party around something green like a nature trail or other wholesome activity is one idea, but getting your guests to arrive on foot or by bike will also ensure that those gas guzzling cars don’t damage the environment. Also encourage your invitees to buy presents from responsibly sourced green toy companies by making up a party gift list that you can send out by email.

There are plenty of ways to cut down on the waste at your next children’s birthday party and also reduce the cost by reusing and re-purposing what you already have in the home. It’s a great way for young kids to learn and ensure they grow up respecting the planet and engage with a greener lifestyle.

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