Discover a fun and colourful bath time with our specialist range of LANCO toys

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Bathtime Fun with Organic Natural Rubber Bath ToysToo hot. Too cold. Strange. Scary. Its easy to see why babies would be nervous around bath-time. In their eyes, that tub is an ocean of choppy water and odd new sensations.

This is why LANCO designed the toys the way they did

LANCO toys take the fear out of bathing and provide the fun and happy engagement your baby is looking for. Being afraid of the water neednt stand in the way of an enjoyable bathing experience. We want you and your baby to enjoy the sensations the warm water provides, and be able to use this time to bond and bathe in comfort. Whether youre a parent struggling to get your baby or toddler in the bath, or just looking to make bathing more joyful, Lanco have the range for you.

LANCO doesnt just make any old toys

Theyve sourced a super-safe natural rubber, meaning you dont have to worry about any nasty chemicals or paints damaging the sensitive skin of your baby. They can even enjoy chewing them. Youre more likely to find traces of toxic or harmful ingredients in a nunnery. LANCO products are as natural as the water that flows from your taps. Plus theyre easy to clean and completely hygienic, so theyre perfect for your little loved ones. In fact, baby care experts even consider them some of the safest baby care products in the market today.

And LANCO has been doing this for a long time

You know that little yellow rubber duck in old TV adverts and films? Thats right. LANCO made it in 1952, before it became a worldwide bath-time hero. LANCO duck has been in peoples baths for decades: welcoming babies to the wonderful feeling of warm water, and being a reliable companion throughout childhoods, teenage years, andwell, just about forever.

Who are Lanco toys for

Or, more accurately, who are we not for. Our range of bath buddies come in a wide array of animal figures, all beautifully designed with vivid colours which babies love. But who doesnt love a squeaky rubber toy? Theyre here to be with your baby for as long as they want them, and thats usually well into adulthood. Toddlers enjoy squeezing and squirting them, as do young children, and even teenagers and adults are won over by the charms of a yellow rubber duck.

Lanco toys are for life


If your baby already loves splashing about in the tub, great! Imagine how much theyd love a Nemo the Fish, Ollie the Octopus, or Paddy the Crocodile to play along with. Truly natural toys are not easy to come by, and our popular characters aim to be friends for life. They spark creative thought and interaction in young minds, and are a comforting figure for older ones.

Oh, and by the way, to avoid any too hot or too cold scenarios, you want to aim for 48.3˚C or 120˚F.

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