How Chew Toys Help Your Dog’s Teeth Stay Healthy

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Organic Pet Toys | Natural Rubber Pet Toys | Natural Rubber Dog Chews | Organic Dog Chews |Keeping pooch in tip top condition is something that most pet owners want. Buying a good quality chew toy can not only give your dog hours of fun, it can also be beneficial to their dental health. Apart from that it can relieve boredom, especially when you have left for work and your dog is on its own.

Dogs and Teeth Health

One of the big problems with dogs as they grow older is the health of their teeth. Just like humans they can develop problems with plaque, the gums, and bad breath. There are a wide range of chew toys on the market nowadays and they not only satisfy a dog’s urge to bite down on something but can clear plaque and prevent tartar build up. Harder chew toys also help keep the tooth surface clean and stop plaque adhering to it in the first place.

Check Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly

It always pays to have a look at your dog’s teeth every so often to make sure there aren’t any problems. Most dogs will develop some sort of issue as they grow older and catching it early is important. A lot, of course, depends on your dog. When pooch is amenable enough you can gently lift the flap of their gum and look at the teeth, checking for any problem areas such as chipped or loose teeth. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then regular check-ups with your vet are a better solution even if it may cost a little bit more.

Picking the Right Dog Chew Toys

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, of course. Picking the right dog chew toy will depend on how big they are but also their temperament. The key is choosing one that is safe for your dog and which you can, hopefully, leave them to chew on unsupervised. If you want to give your dog a great dog chew toy and still stay green, there are also plenty of options available.

Cheap plastic products contain potentially harmful phthalates which can be broken down during the chewing process. If you’re going down this route then make sure that you check the label to see if the product you are choosing is phthalate free. To be on the safe side, pick a chew toy that has been made from a natural product. Toys that use rawhide might seem like the better choice but they have often been through an intense manufacturing process that uses numerous chemicals.

Organic dog chew toys are made from natural materials and are much better for your dog’s overall health. That means you can be sure their teeth are getting a good clean while also being safe for them to use. They’re also fun to play with - check out these great organic dog chew toys from Mushroom and Co:

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Dog chew toys aren’t just great for teeth, removing all that nasty plaque. They are excellent for the mental health of your animal and the more different kinds you have the better. Of course, if you are worried whether you should be choosing a particular dog toy or chew and concerned if it’s safe or not, contact your vet to ask their advice.

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