Classic Children's Toy - The Rubber Duck!

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Rubber duckies are a classic toy for the bath but many plastic ducks can be made from toxic and BPA-laden materials which are most probably mass produced in china, which is why we love our natural rubber ducks which have been made in Spain by a family run business since 1952.

natural Safe Rubber Ducs

Our natural rubber ducks are made from the sap of rubber tree which is harvested sustainably without pesticides, and hand-painted with non-toxic, safe lead-free food grade paints, these bright, squeaky ducks make great gift for a new baby.

As babies chew and mouth on anything they are given, be sure to give your baby a natural toy that is safe and non toxic.

Safety and quality matters when it comes to our little ones that’s why you should choose a toy from Mushroom & Co

Safe Fun Naturally Done


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