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Organic Tot Shop | Eco Friendly Toy Store | Green Rubber ToysMushroom and Co toy store

Launched a new website with a great selection of new products

Mushroom and Co toy store search the globe for products that are natural safe eco-friendly and good for the environment we have a unique range of educational toys, bath toys, teethers and Crayon rocks.



Lanco toys have been making natural non-toxic rubber toys and teethers by hand since 1952 using the sap from the hevea tree each toy is hand painted with permanent food grade dyes creating bright and vibrant coloured toys that children really adore squeak squeak chomp chomp.



Crayon Rocks strengthen the tripod grip and develops children’s fine motor skills. Each crayon is made by hand using only natural minerals colours and waxes. The shape has been designed so children have no choice but hold like they would a pencil strengthening the tripod grip and developing their fine motor skills to progress using pencils. Crayon rocks are fun too they are easily applied to paper will bring creativity out from your child.

Green Rubber toys are handmade using nontoxic rubber painted with food grade dyes these natural educational toys are great for toddlers play they are soft so won't cause any injury with different textures and colours these toys will be your toddlers first choice at playtime.

Please follow us on facebook and Twitter let’s get natural stop buying mass produced toxic toys from china buy something that kids will love

Shops and online stores please contact us via email if you are interested in stocking something safe unique and fun with lots of benefits for child and parent.

Safe Fun Naturally Done

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