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Active play is a way for helping you child engage with the world around them. The more babies and toddlers play in an active way, the faster and better their development. We stock a huge range of eco-friendly toys that support active and imaginative play for babies, toddlers and older kids to let their imaginations run wild and help you play with your child in an active way.

Active play does not necessarily mean running around in the garden or the park (although there is nothing wrong with that!) it simply means engaging with your child in an active rather than passive way. Here are a few ways in which to do it:

Walk Outside

Longer walks outside are a great way to engage with your child either them walking or pushing them in their pram. Talk to your child about the world around them, what can then see hear and feel.

Move Early and Often

Encouraging babies to move themselves and objects around them before they can walk for themselves is a great idea. Chewing on one of our eco friendly teethers or squeezing one of our colourful characters is a great way to encourage active engagement with the world around them. Creating a colourful sensory experience even if baby cannot yet move for themselves will aid in their development.

Allow Movement

Sometimes, even with the best parenting skills, we unconsciously restrict movement, putting baby in a swing or seat rather than letting them play on the floor to let them roll around discourages active movement and play. When you can let them explore rather than putting them somewhere stationary.

Music is Great

Motion connected with music is a really easy way to get your baby or toddler engaging with the world around them, clapping hands, stamping feet and even throwing their toys around is a great way to let them engage with the world.

Parents at Play

Get involved with your toddlers games, we stock a huge range of colourful characters just waiting for a story or game to be told with them as the main characters. From cute elephants to dinosaurs get involved with their imagination and their games from an early age and their engagement with the world will skyrocket

Create Active Family Rituals

Have a good routine for your child which includes lots of active play, we stock a lovely range of toys that can be used in the bathroom so make this a ritual to have a make-believe story with their toy characters in the bath. Any family ritual that bonds you together and encourages engagement with their environment is welcome to encourage them to be curious.

Take a look at the amazing range of toys that we sell to help your little on engage with the world around them in active play here: www.naturalrubbertoys.co.uk

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