Great Games to Play in the Bath with Babies or Toddlers

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Games at bathtime for babies and Toddlers | Organic Toys | Baby Toys | Green Bath Toys Great Games to Play in the Bath with Babies or Toddlers

Bath time is a fun experience for both parents and the little one but it can also be a brilliant time to bond and learn. As your child goes from new-born to toddler, spending a few moments thinking about what to do at bath time can help introduce new and exciting sensory experiences that are key to strong development in those early months and years.

Research has shown that improving sensory learning can have a substantial effect on social and personal development. And the earlier you introduce it the better. Bath time is the perfect opportunity because of the wide range of sensory experiences you can include. Mushroom & Co have a unique range of eco-friendly, 100% natural bath toys that are perfect for bath time, playtime, and chewing.

Introducing Fun Games

Even the simple act of squeezing the water out of a sponge can set a toddler off giggling with excitement. There are plenty of games you can introduce to make bath seem even more exciting. You can take that favourite stash of toys to the water, float boats or sink submarines and even collect all kinds of funky sea animals to help work on those language and recognition skills. You’ll find that a mixture of different textures and visual delights, even the odd airborne bubble or two, will make hitting the bath a brilliant learning experience for baby.

Introducing regular routines that make bath time more of a learning experience is great but it can also give toddlers confidence about being in the water in the first place. This can make a difference when they get older and learn to swim in the big pool.

Games can help develop learning in all sorts of ways from identifying colours to counting toys. With babies you can begin to improve coordination and motor skills by helping them to splash the water or squeeze, twist and poke things. This can carry on as they grow into toddlers and begin to get more control of their bodies.

Stories and Songs

It’s not just the feel of soapy water or the tactile stimulation of toys that add to bath time fun. Talking to your baby as you wash them or getting your toddler to identify specific toys can help too. Turn that game into a song and you’ll be amazed how much it connects with your child. What about turning bath time into a story land and using toys to tell a tale? There a loads of chances to use your imagination and theirs.

Baby is never too young to start fun and games in the bath. Especially in those early days, the sound of your voice while you are washing baby can make a big difference to their sense of wellbeing. There are plenty of songs for the tub such as ‘Splish Splash Splosh’ which can be found online but you can also make up your own.

From touching your baby with different textures to toddler toys that provide joyous moments of exploration and discovery, the key is to make bath time as fun as possible. This is very important for kids as they begin to develop and is also a great way for parents to bond.

Pick toys that allow your baby or toddler to develop their motor skills by squeezing, twisting, rubbing and flicking across the water. Combine this with a running commentary and a few quirky songs and you’ll have a bath time routine that certainly helps your child develop.

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