Great Games to Play with your Dog

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Games to play with your dog | Dog Toys | Organic Dog Chews | Green Dog ToysGreat Games to Play with your Dog

Taking the dog for a walk is top of most people’s list when it comes to exercise. Introducing a few different games, however, is a great way to keep your canine friend full of life and vitality. Just like humans, dogs need to be challenged mentally as well as physically.

Opportunities for playtime rather than simple walk time can improve the bonding between dog and owner and can, in some cases, even be used to overcome certain doggy behavioural problems.

Fetch and Catch

One of the more time honoured dog games is fetch and catch. Most people do this when they go out for a walk and taking a ball with you or something else you can throw is great. Dogs are pretty agile animals and there are a variety of different objects you can use including our Ovo Egg Dog Toys which will give your pooch the chance to jump and catch.

Hide and Seek

Can you really play hide and seek with your dog? Well yes, once they get used to playing the game, you certainly can! It usually helps to have someone to hold the dog while you go and hide but it can be a fun thing to do and some breeds really love doing it. Search behaviour is a natural part of your dog and you’ll be amazed how excited they’ll be to finally find you. Using their favourite natural rubber dog toys from the Mushroom & Co Range will keep them interested in finding it.

Sniffing Out the Treat

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell which is why they’re often used by police forces to sniff out drugs or find lost people. Most pets don’t get to use this almost supernatural ability, so teaching your dog to sniff out particular items can actually be good for them. Most people do this by hiding treats but that can have a detrimental effect on their weight if you do it too much. It’s a good place to start, though, and you may even be able to move onto other objects with a bit of training.

Tug of War

Of course, dogs pretty much love tugging on something like an old rope toy and it’s a great way of getting exercise and having meaningful play. Much will depend on the size of your dog. Smaller breeds such as the Jack Russell really love this kind of game and are easy to handle. Larger breeds like Alsatians might need a lot more strength on your part.

Training Games                                                                                

Dogs are highly intelligent animals and with just a little prompting they can learn new skills. Setting up an obstacle course is one way to get them really engaged and you can include a range of household furniture and items for your dog to climb, jump through and skip in and out of. It’s also a great way to get your dog used to a training regime where you reward good behaviour.

Dogs, just like humans, are social animals and their biggest connection is usually with their owner. While showing love and attention as much as possible helps build that relationship and exercise is always good for pooch, introducing some more imaginative games can also make a big difference to their health and yours. For a great range of characterful toys your dog will love that are made from 100% natural rubber check out the pet line at Mushroom & Co

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