Cool Gender Neutral Toys

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Gender Neutral ToysGender neutral toys are becoming more and more common and we love that! Development and play are very interlinked and here at Mushroom and Co we supply a range of toys that are not only 100% natural, they are also perfect for a boys or girls!

As parents, carers, teachers and other childcare professionals become more aware of the impact gender dividing toys have on the creativity and development of children, more and more families are looking for gender neutral toys.

Why Gender Neutral Toys Matter

Traditionally children’s toys have been split into separate aisles in stores and followed general gender rules when it comes to what is produced, thankfully this is no longer the case. It is recognised that boys playing with ‘girls toys’ and girls playing with ‘boys toys’ is a great way of breaking down the divide between the genders and create a more equal society.

Development happens through play and ensuring children and toddlers have access to a wide range of toys that reflect the world we live in is the best way for them to learn. Having gender neutral toys is one of the best ways to promote equality through play and let children explore who they are and what they love without simply exploring the stereotype of their gender.

From a very practical standpoint this also means that the toys can be kept for a future child of any gender or gifted to another family making them also economical and environment friendly!

Here are a few of our cool toys that are also gender neutral:

Jungle Animals

Perfect for Adventurers - This set of four jungle animals by Green Rubber Toys has everyone’s favourite exotic animals including the mighty elephant, enormous giraffe, wise old orang-utan and of course the king of the jungle, the tiger! They are great for playing with on their own or as part of a group.

Marine Toys

Perfect for Explorers - Marine toys are ideal for bath time and will help them to understand animals that live in and around the sea. If you’re looking for marine toys that will help with sensory development and imaginative play, then these are the perfect children’s toys for you.

Dinosaur Toys

Perfect for Imaginative Children - What child doesn’t love dinosaurs? These toys are made from natural, biodegradable rubber and are perfect for sensory development and imaginative play whether during bath time, general play or a long car trip.

Sensory Toys

Perfect for Children that love characters - These imaginative and exciting rubber sensory toys by Lanco will help to keep small children entertained and also develop all five of the senses. Their vivid colours and textures will engage small children and keep them entertained throughout playtime.

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