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It was in 1952  when Alfredo Domingo, Lanco Toys founder, decided to give shape to his unconditional love for children and pets using his infinite imagination. Since then, Lanco Toys has been year after year, delivering happiness and fantasy to this world. Our passion for what we do and continuously eagerness for innovating and improving our products have rewarded us with more than 50 years of wonderful experiences and enjoyment. Please have a quick look at our history timeline below!

1952 - Lanco Toys Foundation

In the context of Catalonia's industrial boom, the entrepreneur Alfredo founds Lanco Toys: the first company in the world to produce 100% latex-made articles.
The disruptive company designs and innovative products will quickly start gaining clients within the Spanish market. Articles are hand-made in Spain with first quality latex imported from Malaysia, the methodology and expertise are perfected day after day.

1960 - International expansion

With a consolidated methodology and a solid position in the Spanish market, Lanco Toys starts its international expansion being the first Spanish company to assist the world's leading fair for toys Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, Germany.

1970 - Competitive landscape

Given the relevant success of Lanco Toys products and the good response of the market, several Spanish companies start to produce similar latex-made products. This competitive landscape will force Lanco Toys to constantly improve its production methodology and develop cutting-edge designs. Nowadays Lanco Toys is the only one still existing in the Spanish market.

1974 - 1976 Illinois State University Doll's Award

Lanco Toys 1974's production is awarded with the University History Museum Award by Illinois State University (US). 


1976 - Design Distinction Award by BCD

Lanco Toys (Garbep, SA in 1977) articles design are awarded by the Barcelona Foundation Industrial Design Center for the Promotion of Industrial Design (BCD) 


1984 - Schtroumpfs license: an industry precedent

Lanco Toys obtains the Schtroumpfs license to produce several models of schtroumpfs. This license will set a precedent in the toys industry given the amount of articles that where produced and sold.

1990 - Marsupilami's phenomenon

Lanco Toys is given the Marsupilamis license by Taschan Comics. Multple libraries in Germany will be selling our Marsupilami's bookmarks.

1993 - Wallace & Gromit achievement

Lanco Toys produces more than one million of Wallace and Gromit articles for the English company Evolution


1995 - Morocco's adventure

The adventure starts with a modest industrial unit in Fes, Morocco. Lanco Toys will help work on transferring all the latex manipulation know-how to the new factory, to train the new employees and preserve the quality standards that define our products. 

2003 - Toys industry's emerging paradigm 

During the 90's the European toys market experiences a non-return change: new Asian producers and start selling in the European market at extremely competitive prices. In front of this challenge, Morocco's painting and ceramics rich culture will make the country attractive to be part of our hand-made toys production process.

2003 - New model consolidation

In 2003, part of the Lanco Toys production process takes place in Fes, Morocco

   2006 - Expedition towards new horizons

Once consolidated Lanco's new structure, our energy is concentrated on continue innovating our designs and exploring new products and materials. In this line, Lanco Toys launches a new range of products consisting of soaps that contain our toys. These new line of products is inspired in arts seen in MoMa, New York, US.

2010 - Strengthening our global position

During these years Lanco Toys concentrates its efforts on strengthening its network of clients and image on a global perspective. Thus, we will attend several fairs such as Bologna, Paris, Milan or Koln which end up strengthening our relations with very relevant clients on the international panorama.

2014 - Rubber Ducks

Our Superstar, the duck, takes more importance than ever: several new models emerge such as Mozart or Freud Ducks making our collection more complete than ever. 

2015 - LANCO's New corroborative image

Lanco's team starts the adventure of renewing our corroborative image to better reflect our philosophy and values. Our Eco-friendly mindset is given priority, also enhancing our socially-responsible and artisan features. This corroborative evolution will involve our corroborative logo, packaging, website and many other aspects