Tips on being a ‘Green Parent’

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Green Parenting Tips| Eco Toys| Organic Toys The great news for mums and dads who want to go green is that there are plenty of companies around nowadays who sell eco-friendly toys and clothes. While a new baby or toddler is going to take up plenty of time and energy anyway, making the right choices when it comes to things like toys and clothes not only helps save the planet in little ways but are usually much safer and harder wearing than other, mass produced products on the market.

Choosing Green Toys and Products

So often kids’ toys are throwaway things, a variety of enticingly packaged goods that are on show in supermarkets and other stores. It’s easy to grab them off the shelf and put them in your basket without thinking about where they come from and what they are made of. They generally last about five minutes before baby breaks them and they get tossed aside.

Before you are tempted to treat your kid, perhaps you should ask yourself a few questions. Are the toys manufactured in a way that is harmful to the environment? What about all that plastic and card packaging? Then there’s the toy itself – does it have harmful substances in it and is it safe for your baby or toddler?

Choosing products that are made from natural materials is a good idea if you want to go green while also give your toddler the entertainment they are looking for. There are plenty of these on the market today, either online or instore, made from sustainable materials like bamboo, cotton, natural rubber and wood. The team at Mushroom & Co Eco Toy Store ensure their great range of Lanco Toys are non-toxic, eco-friendly and fantastic to use to engage young hands and minds.

These are much safer and a lot better for the environment and they often don’t come with all that wasteful packaging. You can get a range of tactile, brightly coloured toys and learning games that do the job just as well as other, less sustainable products. You can find a great range of these types of toys here at Mushroom & Co.

Recycling Clothes

Kids grow quickly, as every mum and dad knows. Getting clothes from the local charity shop is a great way to save money and help with recycling. And when baby has outgrown their latest outfit you should be taking it down to the shop or giving it away to new mums to make sure that clothing isn’t just discarded.

Natural Baby Bath Products

Buying products for bath time can be a mine field for many parents. You want something that is kind to delicate skin and choosing bubble baths and soaps that are made from natural ingredients is the sensible way to go. These usually have much less of an impact on the environment, particularly how they are manufactured, and are generally better for the health and wellbeing of your child.

Benefits of Going Green Early

Changing just a few things at a time can make going green so much easier. You don’t have to immediately switch to eco-friendly and sustainably manufactured toys and clothes but can do it a bit at a time. It’s simply a case of being more aware of the environmental impact of things. This change of attitude not only benefits the environment but instils green thinking in your child as they grow up (as long as you keep it up). As your child grows from baby to toddler, preteen and the teenager, they should realise the impact of what they do every day on the world around them. Simply put, t’s never too early to start this learning process.

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