Christmas Time for Dogs

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With the Yuletide festivities fast approaching, many owners are trying to think of thrilling treats and fun things to do with their dogs. Christmas can be just as exciting for our four legged friends and there are plenty of different ways you can get them involved. From involving strange new visitors to your home to Christmas Day presents, if you use a little imagination you can create a canine festive occasion second to none.


Of course, one of the first things that is going to get your dog excited is new and interesting people. If you’ve got guests coming for the Christmas period, particularly kids, then, as long as you set a few ground rules, it can be a brilliant experience for everyone.

Make sure if children are present you keep your dog supervised. The excitement of new friends to play with can mean that both sides go a little too far and things get out of control. If they aren’t used to dogs, explain to children what is expected of them and what they can and can’t do.


Yes, dogs love food and they’ll eat practically anything when it’s on show. The trouble is a lot of food treats we find wonderful are not good for our canine pals. Make sure everyone knows that giving a treat is not a good idea and make sure also that you maintain your dog’s normal eating habits. Keeping watch of food on tables is also a good idea – some mutts can be pretty sneaky when there are Christmas goodies lying around.

Toys for Christmas

If everyone else is getting a present from Santa at Christmas, then your dog should too. It’s only fair. Try to go for toys and games rather than too many doggy treats. These are okay in moderation but toys such as squeaky crackers, chews and tug ropes are much better choices.

Obviously, there’ll be a few owners out there who want to buy their dog a Christmas hat or a pair of antlers with bells on, just so they can get the perfect Yuletide photo to post on social media. If you want to combine dog toys with a greener Christmas outlook, then there are plenty of suppliers that have natural products which are good for your mutt and the environment.

Many people are now choosing 100% Organic & natural dog toys, as they don’t want their dogs to be chewing, biting, playing with or even ingesting harmful toxins in plastic toys. Click here for 100% Nautral Rubber Dog Toys – perfect for your pooch.


If you have kids staying over the Christmas period, then there are whole host of games that dogs can get involved with. There’s hide and seek and piggy in the middle that deliver loads of fun. You can get the kids to use their imagination and build an obstacle course and, if all else fails, there are plenty of walks you can go on. If it snows over the Christmas period, you’ve got a ready made adventure playground for your canine friend – most dogs absolutely love playing in it! The great thing about dog games is that you can take them outside into the countryside and all have lots of fun while getting some fresh air.

There are loads of different games and treats that can keep your dog busy this Christmas and, with a little imagination, it can also keep the whole family entertained.

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