Creating Christmas traditions with your New Baby

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Creating Christmas Traditions with your New Baby | Organic Baby Toys | Natural Baby Toys Welcoming a new baby in to the family is an exciting time, and when baby’s first Christmas arrives, it’s time to create some Christmas traditions with your new baby and generate special memories to last a life time.

By creating traditions at Christmas, you will not only have many years of Christmas memories to look back on, but you can also begin to create a magical bond with your child, and they will potentially grow up with a fondness for the festive period.

Here are five ways in which you can begin creating Christmas traditions with your new baby.

1) Create something festive to record your baby's growth

There is no better way of creating a fun annual tradition than to create something festive that also charts your baby's growth.  A pair of hand prints for example, could be made each year, perhaps on the same day too.  For example, maybe every Christmas Eve morning your family sits down and creates some hand prints - you could even decorate them with illustrations of baubles and tinsel!

2) Festive clothing

Many of us grew up with that something that you always get new at Christmas.  Often, it would be Christmas Eve pyjamas, or perhaps a Christmas Day jumper or outfit? You could begin this tradition at your baby's first Christmas and carry it on well in to their teenage years.  Over time, you can keep these outfits so that you can look back on all of those Christmas outfits of yesteryear in the future.

3) Select a tree decoration

This is a lovely tradition to have with your new baby, and one that can continue forever.  There are lots of lovely Christmas baubles and tress decorations available now to celebrate your baby's first Christmas.  Why not purchase the first this year, and then add to them as your baby grows up. 

You could follow a theme with each decoration, or just opt to purchase them in the future with each year on.  Either way, it's a lovely way to create a Christmas tradition and eventually have a tree full of your family history.

4) Create a family tradition

Although your baby may be a little too young to remember this in future years, you could start a family tradition that will last right through your baby's childhood.  It could be going to a nearby Christmas tree farm, or festive market, as a family, or even a walk in some beautiful frosty woodland.  Maybe you can decorate a gingerbread house?  Make sure you take photos of these occasions and continue to do them the same time each year. 

When your baby is old enough, you can show them the photographs of them doing it each year and the tradition can continue for many years.

5) Watch a film or read a book as a family

This is another that may be a little too soon for your baby, but why not start a tradition of watching a specific Christmas film as a family, or perhaps reading a Christmas story book?  This can be your Christmas Eve tradition, for example, as your family grows up.

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