Fun Games with Dinosaurs and Dragons

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Playing with toy dragons and dinosaurs can be a fun and imaginative experience for kids. These types of kids toys are perfect for creating new play scenarios and Natural Rubber Toys stocks a great range of cute and realistic all natural toys for you to play with.

From cute characters that break out of an egg like Dino in egg, to the cute and very popular red dragon by Lanco you will find the perfect dinosaur toy or dragon toy to inspire your little one’s playtime. You can shop the range here:

Dinosaur and Dragon Games for Kids

Here are some games and activities that children can enjoy with these toys:

Dinosaur Safari - Create a "dinosaur safari" by setting up a play area with toy trees, rocks, and a sandbox for digging. Let the kids explore and excavate toy dinosaurs like palaeontologists.

Dino Hide and Seek - Hide toy dinosaurs around the house or yard and have the kids search for them. You can also give them clues or use walkie-talkies for added excitement.

Dragon vs. Dinosaur Battle - Arrange a battle between toy dragons and dinosaurs. Let the kids use their imagination to create epic battles and storylines.

Dino World Building - Provide building materials like blocks, cardboard, and craft supplies to help kids construct a dinosaur world, complete with caves, volcanoes, and rivers.

Dino Storytelling - Encourage children to come up with stories featuring their toy dinosaurs. They can act out the stories using the toys or even draw comic strips to illustrate the adventures.

Dinosaur Parades - Organise a "dinosaur parade" where kids can march their toy dinosaurs in a line, showcasing their favourite ones. Play some music to make it more festive.

Dino Obstacle Course - Create an obstacle course using cushions, pillows, and other household items. Challenge the kids to guide their toy dinosaurs through the course without knocking anything over.

Dino Egg Hunt - Pretend that toy dinosaur eggs have been hidden, and the kids need to find them. You can use plastic eggs or craft your own "dino eggs" out of clay.

Dragon and Dino Art - Set up an art station where kids can draw, paint, or craft their own dragons and dinosaurs. Provide materials like coloured paper, markers, and glue.

Dinosaur Fossils - Make dinosaur fossils by pressing toy dinosaurs into modelling clay or salt dough. Once they harden, kids can "excavate" them like real palaeontologists.

Dino-Themed Puzzles - Offer dinosaur-themed puzzles for kids to assemble. You can find jigsaw puzzles with dinosaur illustrations that are age appropriate.

Dragon and Dino Races - Arrange races between toy dragons and dinosaurs. Create tracks using masking tape or chalk on the floor, and have the kids race their toys.

Dinosaur Dance Party - Put on some music and have a dance party with toy dinosaurs as dance partners. Kids can create dance routines for their dinosaurs.

Dino Dress-Up - Provide costumes or props for kids to dress up as their favourite dinosaurs or dragon characters. Encourage them to put on a "dino show."

Dino Science Experiments - Conduct simple dinosaur-themed science experiments, such as making a volcano erupt (dinosaur extinction event) using baking soda and vinegar.

These games and activities can spark creativity, encourage imaginative play, and provide hours of entertainment for kids who love toy dragons and dinosaurs. They also offer educational opportunities to learn about prehistoric creatures and storytelling.

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