Jungle Experiences with Kids in the UK

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Jungle Experiences with Kids in the UK | Organic Toys | Jungle ToysWe spend a lot of our time nowadays attached to technology. It can be the same problem for our kids. Developing play that doesn’t just depend on the click of a button and brings your child into the real world is important. It helps develop a range of cognitive abilities as well as getting them to use their imagination, all of which is very important.

Eco-Toys UK

If you want to create activities that are fun and engaging, then one place to start is the jungle. We have a great range of organic toys that represent the jungle – from realistic Tigers and Giraffes to more fun Jungle Chum character toys you can find our full range of jungle animal toys by clicking here.

Here are a few other great ways to engage with your toddler or child using a jungle theme:

Jungle Characters

Most regions have their own zoo or wildlife park and they’re a great way for kids to find out about the real world beyond the television. Most places also put on special events for children where they can get more involved. It’s a brilliant time to combine all sorts of activities. You can get your kids to create stories, draw wonderful pictures and learn interesting new things while having a really fun time. There’s nothing more exciting for kids than to see wild animals up close and personal. Zoos are the perfect way to do this.

Jungle Games

If you’re organising a kid’s party, then jungle games can be one way to get everyone running around and having fun. For example, you can get the kids to mimic different animals, create a jungle trail in some nearby woodlands, or simply build a jungle themed obstacle course in the back garden. If you’re kids want to learn what it’s like to climb among the trees, there are numerous outdoor adventure parks that cater for this kind of activity which make an excellent day out.

Jungle Inspired Reading

Bringing the excitement of the jungle home to your child is just as easy if you buy a few books. From Kipling’s Jungle Book through to modern stories, there are ones to suit all ages. Great for bed time or when it’s raining outside, stories not only help develop vivid imaginations but encourage those all-important language skills.

Jungle Art

All kids love to draw and introducing a jungle theme can add to their excitement. You can find lots of things to do from creating papier-mache animals to building a tree house out of boxes. If you look around the home, there are plenty of materials you can use to create some interesting art from old newspaper to toilet rolls and plastic drinks bottles. All it takes is a little imagination.

Jungle Food

Broaden your child’s diet by introducing jungle style food. Whether you’re organising a party or simply cooking the evening meal, you can include exotic fruits and vegetables to theme your food. Of course, it doesn’t have to be all new. How about making tiger face cakes or giraffe shaped biscuits? They’re sure to go down well.

Organic Toys

The jungle is a brilliant premise on which to base activities for children of all ages. There’s the chance to learn important new facts about the world and begin to grow an understanding of issues such as conservation, all while having fun and developing the physical and mental skills that are important for all kids as they grow.

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