Taking Your Toys Outside this Summer

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There is something a little bit special about playing outside in the summer with your toddler. Whether it is in your back garden or a local park or beach, seeing their imaginations run wild in the outdoors is fun for them and for you.

Imaginative Outdoor Play

We stock the best range of all natural rubber toys, perfect for toddlers to play and learn with. They come in all shapes and sizes, and we have a host of characters and animals that will keep your toddler entertained! If you are going outdoors with your toddler here are some great ways to play with toys in the outdoors.

Safari Animal Games

Whether you have gone to a zoo to play or are imagining you are in the African wilds in your back garden here are a few safari games you can play with natural rubber safari animal toddler toys.

Safari Animal Guessing Game: Gather your safari animal toys together. Show your toddler one animal at a time and ask them to guess the name of the animal. Provide clues if needed, such as making sounds or describing the animal's appearance. This game helps develop vocabulary and animal recognition skills.

Safari Animal Hunt: Hide small toy safari animals around a designated area, such as your living room or back garden. Give your toddler a bucket or basket and ask them to find the hidden animals. Encourage them to name the animals as they find them. This game promotes physical activity, observation skills, and animal identification.

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Farm Animal Games

Toddlers love farm animals. They are very prevalent in books, TV and stories that they hear so having a range of natural rubber toys that they can play with outdoors is a great idea.

Farm Animal Sound Imitation: Choose a few farm animals and make their sounds together with your toddler. For example, you can make moo sounds for a cow and baa noises for a sheep. Take turns imitating the sounds and encourage your toddler to guess which animal is making the sound. This game enhances listening skills and animal recognition.

Farm Animal Sorting: Gather a variety of farm animal toys and place them in a large container. Help your toddler sort the animals based on different attributes, such as colour, size, or type of animal (e.g., cows, chickens, horses). This game promotes categorization skills, fine motor skills, and animal recognition.

Farm Animal Parade: Set up a "parade" with your toddler by lining up the farm animal toys in a row. Encourage your child to lead the parade, imitating the sounds and movements of each animal as they go along. This game fosters imagination, creativity, and gross motor skills.

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Imagination is the Limit

When you are outdoors with a toddler and have their favourite toys with them, your imagination really is the limit to how much fun you can have. We stock a huge range of imaginative toys just waiting for a chance to get outdoors and be played with!

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