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Organic Pet Toys | Green Toys for Pets | Organic Dog Chew ToysJust because they’re your pets, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go green. From toys and treats, to food and bedding, look hard enough and you’ll find plenty of eco-friendly products on the market nowadays.

If you want to get your pet involved in saving the planet, perhaps you should buy them some of these goodies:

Mushroom & Co - Pet Toys

Mushroom and Co Stock a great range of popular pet products that are also made from organic green materials. They include the ever popular Ovo the Egg toys which are a cute and quirky range of character eggs, chewable bones, a characterful sausage dog and fun to play with footballs. These green pet toysare made from 100% natural rubber so are safe to chew and are suitable for a great many different sizes and breeds of dogs.

Organic Food from Yarrah

There’s a wide range of different organic pet foods around that you can add to their diet. You can send your dog wild with Yarrah Organic Vegetarian Chunks a product that has all the vitamins and minerals pooch needs. And if the cat feels left out, there’s a range for them as well. The company has been around since 1992 and is focused on healthy choices with no nasty additives. They’ve also got impeccable green credentials.

Beco Pet Bowl

Many companies are beginning to make their products out of more sustainable materials. Beco produce a Pet Bowlfrom waste plant fibres which means you can do away with plastic, metal or ceramic ones. The great news about this bowl is that is fully biodegradable. Beco produce a big range of dog and cat products all made in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Biodegradable Cat Litter

One problem that many cat owners who want to go green have is choosing the right cat litter. Many products on the market nowadays aren’t particularly good for the environment. If you want to make sure that pussy does his bit in an eco-friendly way, then products such as Pure and Simple cat litter made from biodegradable nutshells is a good choice.

Recycled Dog Beds

There are plenty of different environmentally friendly dog beds around made from recycled materials and green products such as bamboo. The Pet Dreams Plush Dog Bedis actually made from one hundred per cent recycled plastic bottles. Not only that, the company say it’s a lot healthier for the dog because it doesn’t contain the added harmful materials that other beds often do.

In the past it may have been difficult to source organic pet items or eco-friendly pet toys, but today there are plenty of different companies that make toys and bedding from recycled material or stuff that’s considered green and sustainable.

You don’t have to pick a toy that is made in a factory and comes with a substantial carbon footprint instead choose sustainable products for your pets to keep them healthy and happy.

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Oktober 23, 2016

This morning l purchased three of your dog toys for my pup Stanley since we got home a couple of hours ago he has played with them continually and has now gone to sleep surrounded by all three of his new toys normally he distroys his toys within about 5 mins
So l am delighted that yours have survived

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